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Fred Hueston’s “Stone and Tile Restoration: The Manual” emerges as an unparalleled resource in the field of stone and tile restoration, meticulously compiled to cater to every facet of the profession. This manual not only delves into the scientific aspects of geology and stone identification, enriching the reader’s understanding of the material they work with, but it also spans the practical techniques required for tackling a broad spectrum of stone care challenges. From intricate chapters on stain management, restoration techniques, to sealing and protection, Hueston’s guide is a treasure trove of practical insights. 

Beyond the technical, the manual extends into invaluable business management advice, covering pricing strategies, effective marketing, and operational management, aimed at empowering contractors to not only excel in craftsmanship but also in running a thriving business. With additional features like an extensive index, enriching articles, and chapters on safety, equipment, maintenance, and even slip and fall prevention, this guide stands as a testament to Hueston’s commitment to excellence and his desire to share comprehensive knowledge with the industry. “Stone and Tile Restoration: The Manual” is offered free of charge to professionals in the field, accessible through a simple registration on the website, marking it as an essential tool for anyone serious about mastering stone and tile restoration and maintenance.

Meet the Author

Fred Hueston

AKA Dr. Fred… Known throughout the industry as the foremost expert on stone and tile, through this site, Dr. Fred is generously sharing his wealth of information and resources. 

Fred Hueston

“It is my goal to leave a legacy of information and resources..."

About Dr. Fred...


Frederick M. Hueston is a highly accomplished and well-respected scientist, with a diverse educational background and extensive expertise in the stone and tile industry. Born and raised in a family immersed in the stone and tile business, Fred developed an early passion for the field, which ultimately shaped his career and accomplishments.


Fred’s academic journey began with a strong foundation in the sciences. He pursued his higher education with great enthusiasm, earning a degree encompassing biological, chemical, and physical sciences. This multidisciplinary approach provided him with a comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles that underpin the stone and tile industry.

Sharing His Expertise

Combining his academic knowledge with his practical experience growing up in the stone and tile industry, Fred embarked on a path of sharing his wealth of expertise with others. He has authored over 40 books and well over 400 articles, covering a wide range of topics within the field of stone and tile. His publications span various disciplines, including installation techniques, fabrication processes, restoration methods, and maintenance practices. Through his books and articles, Fred has become a respected authority, offering invaluable guidance to professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Founder of Stone Forensics

Recognizing the need for specialized inspection and consulting services in the industry, Fred founded Stone Forensics, a highly regarded firm that has emerged as a leader in its field. As the founder, he has meticulously developed a team of experts and established a reputation for providing high-quality and reliable services. Stone Forensics offers comprehensive inspections, forensic analysis, and consulting solutions for clients in the stone and tile industry. 

Respected Authority in the Field

His contributions have not gone unnoticed, as he has been widely recognized for his achievements and expertise. His vast knowledge, combined with his dedication to the field, has earned him a prominent place among industry professionals. With his deep understanding of the scientific principles and practical applications within the stone and tile industry, Fred continues to make significant contributions, advancing the field and helping individuals and businesses achieve excellence in their work.

Connecting with Fred

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